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Enter the world of geopolitical sabotage
climate crisis

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In the not too distant future, Dr. Sally KINDRED develops a break through weather laser satellite to reverse the effects of a devastating global drought. Middle Eastern countries are on the brink of nuclear war over competing claims to the precious few remaining water reserves in their region.


The U.S. President recruits Kindred  to transport her weather laser satellite on the NASA shuttle and launch it from a Russian space station after a similar Russian project was mysteriously sabotaged earlier. Her mission: to make it rain by using the laser to heat a large area of the ocean adjacent to the coastline of West Africa a to convince  Middle Eastern nations to stand down  from their war preparations.

The NSA Director and his fellow conspirators fear loss of American space superiority to Russia if Sally’s project is successful and plan to thwart her mission by arming her weather laser satellite in space to target Russian missile sites. The saboteurs kidnap Sally’s daughter to co-opt her silence, and they plot to assassinate the president to transfer power to alt-right sympathizers in the U.S. government.

As the mission is launched, a Middle Eastern communications station intercepts encrypted messages between the government saboteurs and the NASA shuttle. Feeling betrayed after being ordered to stand down by the U.N. Security Council to give this mission a chance, the Arab Coalition immediately orders the positioning of tactical nuclear weapons at their Middle Eastern borders.


After Sally boards the Russian space station, the crew becomes mysteriously sick. An on board saboteur kills the shuttle commander and targets the weather laser satellite to fire on Russian missile sites. As the countdown clock runs down, Sally must choose between saving her daughter or saving the world from nuclear devastation, with her only remaining allies being a cyborg with an attitude and a robot who imitates  her.

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