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Journey  with us but be  wary  of those you meet along the way:

Satte Ro, a femme fatale with a penchant for scarves

John Frank, a PI non par excellence

Myo Pia, a nearsighted psychic

Prof. Higgins Wiggins Miggins who barely tolerates himself

Attesor, the maybe not so timid researcher

Habib, a peddler with too many relatives

Carlo, a hard to please mob boss

Shirley who traded her dreams for the sales rack

a Mime who doesn’t know when to quit

Dana, a chatty gatekeeper who needs an unlimited cell plan

Kristal Love-Jones, a cop with a grudge and loose hair weave.

"When the three stones meet, all will be revealed..."


Production Inquiries:

Loosen up
Crack up
Cracking The Code!

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